How to Become a Hacker: Beginner’s Guide to Hacking:

What is Hacking?
Hacking refers to any kind of accessing computer systems without the permission of the owner of the system. Hacking is usually done by a human being or a group of humans who use a number of computer tools in order to gain unauthorized access to the system. Hackers typically try to acquire information or data that may be valuable to them or that will serve their purpose. Types of Hacking There are three types of hacking activities. Computer hacking, which refers to breaking in through the lines and bolts and accesses the system through its network interface cards (NICs). Computer hacking also refers to information manipulation or stealing. Ethical hacking is basically hacking in the sense that it is aimed at discovering bugs in a system and not to get full control.

What are the different types of hackers?
There are different types of hackers. Some types are clearly defined, while others are not. Some hackers hack only to commit fraud, while some others might be involved in less obvious activities. Hackers usually stay under the radar, taking advantage of their expert abilities to identify an organization’s weak spots and exploiting it. Whether someone is a black hat hacker or white-hat hacker depends on what kind of activities they perform. A good example is a ransomware attack, which typically works for white hat hackers because they have no intentions of destroying the data, and they want only to make money. A black hat hacker, on the other hand, would rather use the ransomware in order to ensure the data’s destruction.

What do hackers do?
Simply put, hackers break into computer systems to get access to sensitive information, credit card numbers, passwords, photos and more. They are also known as computer intruders and hacktivists. The primary motive of hackers is to damage or cause financial loss to an organization, government entity, or individual. For example, “hacktivists” are a subculture of hackers who use their abilities to cause political or social upheaval. Who hacks? While hackers are a diverse group, they can be broadly classified into one of three groups. In India, there are various groups of hackers, including fake IT professionals, diamond thieves, fake account holders, technical/network-savvy students, mischievous schoolkids and amateur hackers.

What is the difference between a black hat hacker and a white hat hacker?
Black hat hacker breaches computer systems for malicious purposes, for example, financial fraud, the stealing of data from the computer system. Such hackers don’t do it for fun or profit. White hat hacker tries to help people and systems in order to gain entry to the system and install malicious software or a virus. How to become a black hat hacker? Becoming a hacker isn’t that easy, it is a rather professional profession. A white-hat hacker always has a job, which takes him out of his way to work on secret missions. He is the person with computer skills who gets free time in order to test them and prove their potential to show that he can hack it. As a black hat hacker, you work for yourself and the people of your own choice.

The world is embracing the possibilities of the internet. And we are realizing the immense power it offers. This means more potential for information leaks. However, hackers are becoming smarter every day, and things are getting complicated. With the help of simple and easy-to-follow tools and techniques, it is easy to get into the world of cybercrime. Do not get stuck on knowing and understanding the jargon. Instead, dive right into learning how to hack without even realizing it.

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