Who is Patricia Heaton? 3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Actress:

Actress Patricia Heaton of The Middle is celebrating her three-year anniversary of not drinking alcohol. She calls it a “freedom from alcohol” milestone and has shared the news on social media. In a post to her fan club, Heaton says she’s no longer ashamed of her days as a wine-sipping bartender and urges those on the opposite side of the “dry” fence to consider giving it a try. Heaton has been open about her struggle with alcoholism since The Middle premiered in 2009. During the show’s time on ABC, her character Valerie was seen being cleaned up from her alcoholism after years of booze, but it would return in later seasons.

Early Life:
Born Patricia Rachel Heaton, she was born on August 8, 1969 in Estero, Florida. She is of German and English descent. From her earliest memories, her family, whom she describes as “very, very religious,” instilled in her the importance of “doing what the Bible says.” She attended Florida State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business. While attending FSU, she was a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority. Patricia married fellow comedian Christopher Gross on April 28, 1993, in West Palm Beach. Her husband of 25 years was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1994. Patricia began writing about her own struggles with MS in her 2006 book, Living with MS. Patricia and Christopher have three children.

Television Roles:
She was born on June 22, 1961 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Patricia attended Santa Clara University but didn’t graduate. She had some success as an actress in her youth, including one guest-starring role on the sitcom “Night Court.” Later on, Patricia made a big splash on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” where she played a mom to lead actor Ray Romano’s character. Patricia has continued to play a wife to Ray’s brother in the sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Personal Life Patricia’s mother died when she was just 9 years old. Her father remarried and had another daughter, Julie. Patricia later moved in with her aunt and uncle, then ended up moving back in with her father. Later on, Patricia met her husband as she was attending college.

Personal Life:
*Patricia Heaton recently celebrated a milestone in her sobriety. “I am so happy and I am celebrating three years of sobriety! WOOHOO,” she shared with the Daily Mail. Patricia Heaton lists her name as Patricia Louise Heaton but states her married name in the autograph section. She appears to live in San Fernando Valley in California. You can see pictures of her at the launch party for her book, “The Motherlode, The Hidden Side of Motherhood,” in 2012 at Home Show Deals. Her father is James Finkelstein. Family Life Patricia Heaton married Timothy Elston in 2002. They have three children: Whitney, Beckett and Grace. Patricia is a devout Catholic. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Patricia has been dating a younger man named David Hunt.

A few of Patricia Heaton’s favorite projects have been: “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Everybody Hates Chris,” and “Everybody Hates Chris.”When she’s not filming, she loves working out, watching copious amounts of TV, and cooking. She spends a lot of her free time with her husband and their three kids. Patricia Heaton married director Richard Lowy in 1997. Patricia and her family are a very active part of New York City and enjoy making trips to the beach during their time off from acting. Heaton still has plenty to say about that childhood dream to be an actress. She spoke with ET recently and said she’s not afraid to check her life goals off her list.

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