The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn: Making Connections and Building a Stronger Online Presence:

LinkedIn and System1’s Partnership Bears Fruit within the undefeated ‘plant’ Campaign specializing in Career Growth:
The ad charts Vik’s look for a replacement job victimization LinkedIn as his supply of contacts, support, and coaching. At the beginning of his journey, Vik owns a rather bedraggled flora, that he tends throughout the varied phases of his search. The plant’s gradual recovery reflects the various little however progressive steps Vik takes on his road to a replacement job. In addition to ad breaks during Today and Good Morning America, the campaign was supported by strategic placement and comprehensive digital media planning and execution.

The Importance of LinkedIn:
In the ad, where Vik is out at a client’s lunch, he loses his mauve-painted smartphone. Later on in the day, when he’s about to head out to his next client, Vik slips back to his car and finds his phone there, working perfectly again. The ad ends with Vik entering into his next client’s office, a glowing plant in the center of his table.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn:
Making Connections and Building a Stronger Online Presence “As much as we as marketers and content marketers can only dream of capturing this real-life utility – the power of stories in brand advocacy – there is no shortage of LinkedIn’s data and insights on people’s career journeys,” said Caroline McLoughlin, EVP, Marketing, System1. “The success of Plant reflects the great success of the LinkedIn Campaign and Storytelling Program, which enabled our agency, The Walking Agency, to create a highly engaging and authentic ad that is also actionable for the individuals at the center of the campaign.”

What is LinkedIn?
We have developed a free and fun solution to help professionals get new opportunities, build their network and career. We believe in ‘putting professionals first’ and developing useful tools that make their work easier and more efficient. We have more than 11 million members, thousands of users in 250+ countries and our platform has grown to include professional search, networking, careers, job matching, social discovery and more. Since we’ve been around, we’ve seen explosive growth in the members, member companies and in the number of job listings, average job lifetime, earnings, and reviews. The combined reach of LinkedIn’s user-generated content (UGC) has grown to over 235 billion impressions a month, making it one of the most widely read professional content portals on the Internet.

Creating a LinkedIn Profile:
Earning a Profile Connecting With Others on LinkedIn The Next-Generation of Professional Community: LinkedIn Learning and Business Toolkit LinkedIn Career Management is the latest offering from LinkedIn, a progressive network that gives members an easy way to build relationships with people they care about and to extend their professional network on the World’s Leading Professional Network. LinkedIn Career Management provides members with an easy to use tool for building and managing their careers, helping them to be more effective in the workplace.

Setting-Up LinkedIn Jobs:
Learn how to create a profile, find jobs and upskill on LinkedIn. This 30-minute video is part of LinkedIn’s career education ‘Prepare & Prove’ video series, which helps employees of all levels to improve skills and boost their profile on the professional social network.

Let’s be honest, it’s no surprise LinkedIn is the biggest player in the professional network space. It has turned itself from a few programmers building a very simple (at that time) social network into a giant. How did it manage this? Well, it took the approach of Embedding itself so deeply in the overall experience Offering so many features that it forces users to leave and use other products Targeted advertising. Although the acquisition of Yammer was a sign of desperation, it still is a necessary move for a market player such as LinkedIn. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have changed the world as we know it. They have led to the birth of an entire generation of geeks who’ve grown up with technology as a constant companion in their everyday lives.

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