LG Transparent OLED TV: The Next Generation of TV Technology:

The basics of the LG Transparent OLED TV:
The secret behind the transparent LCD is the organic light-emitting diode (OLED). OLED is the most transparent display technology currently available, and LG Display’s engineers have figured out a way to let the OLED create an even more visible image. The key to their work is in the thin layer of plastic they paint over the OLED, which bends and changes shape in response to the angle at which light hits it, illuminating the OLED’s pixels. LG Display was able to integrate such a thin, flexible panel into a TV while maintaining its 3D sensing capabilities, a plus for this kind of device. The TV works wirelessly, as you can see in the video below. LG said that the Transparent OLED TV will be able to adapt to almost any environment without the need for any active cooling.

Why is it transparent?
For starters, you don’t have to sit too close to the display to see what’s going on. Rather, you can actually sit much further away and see what’s happening without the risk of damaging the display. LG Display is working with Triple Venue to integrate the technology in a more high-end OLED panel. Triple Venue is a company that specializes in creating electronic devices and the technology is the result of research they’ve been conducting for years. “The open-cell graphene-based structure of our organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology enables transparent OLED displays,” said Wanhoon Kim, president of LG Display’s TV Business Division. “We are proud to showcase a transparent OLED TV that can be enjoyed even when sitting a short distance away.

What are the advantages of a transparent TV?
Once displayed, LG’s screen is 100% transparent, so you can see the image all the way through, without needing to attach anything to the back of it to display additional information. But LG’s focus is not on gimmicks, but practical applications. The set-top box inside the screen is still there, so you’ll be able to interact with it and control its functions, but the OLED screen allows you to focus on the on-screen content. This transparency also opens up a number of possibilities for displaying data. Imagine the possibilities for an emergency care room: every time you step in to view a patient, you can see their vital statistics without having to reach for a glowing monitor hanging behind you.

Why is it a good idea for the future of screens?
In the past, TVs have had to be black in order to display images on them. While this allows you to enjoy content in the most realistic way possible, it makes the picture hard to watch from different angles. The LG Transparent OLED is an OLED panel that can be transparent or has a reflective surface. The way you can interact with the panel lets you see content that is displayed on it in an “uncompromised way” on the screen, LG says. LG plans to begin mass-producing the Transparent OLED panels during 2020. It also has hopes to begin manufacturing such displays for use in mobile devices, cars, and tablets and other devices in the near future.

Those in the market for new televisions this year should be happy with what LG is showing off. The company may not be the flashiest CES exhibitor, but it’s the one that has consistently put out some of the most interesting TVs over the last few years. If you’re on the hunt for the next great TVs, you can be sure LG will be there, ready to show you the future. Stay tuned for more CES 2019 coverage.

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