TCL Wearable Display: Wearable Technology That Will Revolutionize How You Watch Movies:

What is the TCL Wearable Display?
When I was in school, we used to watch our movies using mypa-LCP Magnets. I didn’t know that the device did not contain any kind of light source. I just remembered a few of my friends in the class wearing them. And how they would have to tap the screen before the movie started. We used to wonder if they will ever be able to see their movies clearly in the dark. Later on, when I started working in MPRM, I had to meet a lot of my clients and friends during conferences. So, I had to wear the glasses and we would have discussions, either via email or instant messages. And how I would wear them to do all this, with no light source nearby. It was difficult for me at that time. My poor vision made it even more difficult.

How does the TCL Wearable Display work?
For this device to function correctly, you need to download the TCL Watch face app on your smartphone. The app can also pair with the TCL Wearable Display itself by connecting via Bluetooth. Once you’ve downloaded the app and connected the two devices, you’ll be prompted to install it on your wearable. While the TCL Wearable Display is designed to work without a mobile device, if you do have your phone with you, it will automatically pair with the device. Then you’ll get access to the TCL Watchface app, which allows you to customize the color of the on-screen content. You can also resize the wearable display to fit your needs, and you can even set the resolution for the watch face itself.

What devices can be used with the TCL Wearable Display?
It can work with all smartphones and tablet models in the market, including the latest flagships like the Google Pixel 3 and iPhone XS. The company has also confirmed that the TCL Wearable Display is compatible with the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch. In addition, TCL is also working with Google to make their Pixel Buds smart headphones compatible with the wearable display, according to CNET. Why use a wearable display? With the TCL Wearable Display, you do not have to spend hours looking at the screen on your mobile device or laptop. It can help to consume your favorite shows, movies, and video games in a more comfortable manner. With the help of this device, you can watch your favorite movies or TV shows on a tiny screen and control it from your mobile device or laptop.

How to get the TCL Wearable Display?
The TCL Wearable Display is available via the Lightbox online store for $350 USD for a limited time, before hitting the general price. The TCL Wearable Display can be yours for under $500 USD when purchased with a new smartphone, PC or laptop The TCL Wearable Display will be available at retail in the coming months at major retailers across North America, Europe and Australia. For more information on the TCL Wearable Display, visit About TCL Multimedia Founded in 1986, TCL Multimedia, Inc. (“TCL”) is one of the world’s fastest-growing premium consumer electronics brands.

Although TCL has not provided many details about the TCL Wearable Display as of now, the company’s co-president Ardo Radkovsky has recently revealed that the device can use a number of different communication protocols including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However, there are only a few details about the device as of now, and it is too early to speculate about its design and features, but this is definitely a product to keep a lookout for.

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