How to Make Money From YouTube: The Ultimate Guide:

Step 1:Create a YouTube Channel:
Channel setup You may be thinking – How do I get a Youtube channel? If you’ve got a great idea, product or service then get it out there. It might take a little time to get your videos and content into the channels, but the more people that see your videos, the higher your chances of winning viewers, fans and subscribers. As you will understand from step 2, if you have an idea or product, the best way to make money from YouTube is to make money from your videos – meaning you are providing your viewers with useful, engaging content. To get started, click on your username on the home page of YouTube. Click Create Channel. If you haven’t already, select Videos on your main video page. On the Channel Creation Toolbox, click Next. On the Next page, click the OK button to start.

Step 2:Enable Your Channel for Monetise:
By now you should have an up-to-date YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel link should be the URL of your website, i.e. Enabling your channel allows your viewers to subscribe and watch videos without signing up for any paid-for YouTube channels. To enable your channel, go to and then click on this link You will now have two options – “Donate” and “Learn More”. To enable your channel for monetization click on the “Donate” button. You will be prompted to confirm your details. Once you are done with this, the option to create a video will appear. You need to then click on “Create Video”. Once you have created the video, you will need to submit it to YouTube.

Step 3:Connect Your Channel to AdSense:
Go to Settings (or About in Settings) on your channel page, and enable your channel for monetization. A prompt will appear telling you what your channel’s monetization settings are, which will depend on the AdSense setting you are currently using. See Go to My Videos and select the channel (if it is not already selected) at the top right. The first dropdown, from the main menu, should contain the following option: Choose “Allow ads from this channel.” Choose “Enable monetization” and then agree to the terms and conditions. Once you are done with this step, it is important to delete any video made before then (I recommend at least 4 months before your channel is activated for monetization). Next, you will be shown the YouTube AdViewer for your channel.

Step 4:Review the Criteria and Ad Formats
You’ll receive more clicks if your videos are full of ads, or get a click-through rate that’s high. This all starts with this page. You can share YouTube videos via email or the RSS feed (without the embed), and you can post on YouTube as well. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. YouTube Video Recommendations Mentions Personal recommendations will also work (see our How to Make Money From Youtube page), so remember to put your name and website in the title.

Step 5:Monetise Videos with Ads.

Step 6: Link Your YouTube Channel to Your Facebook Page.

Step 7: Explore the Youtube Video Analytics.

Step 8: Navigate to the Website via Video.

Step 9: Browse Youtube Resources on YouTube.

Step 10: Learn About Youtube Tags.

Step 11: Refer to My YouTube Marketing Breakdown Guide.

Step 12: Join The YouTube TV Community.

Step 13: Expand Your YouTube Reach With Short Videos.

Step 14: Why I Did Not Sell My Videos.

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