What Is Financial Technology? How It’s Changing The World?

Financial Technology Defined:

Financial technology is a relatively new and relatively new world. According to the Harvard Business Review, between 2012 and 2016 the Fintech industry grew to a value of $15.7 trillion. According to Bank of America, more than half of financial technology startups were launched in 2015. Most of these startups operate with very simple ideas and need the use of digital technology to bring them to fruition. Who Is In The Fintech Space? While Fintech is a relatively new world, companies have been successfully operating in this space for several years. Here are three examples of companies that are revolutionizing the financial services industry: Coinbase is an online exchange platform that allows people to buy and sell bitcoin.

How Fintech Is Making the planet a far better Place?

While disruption and progress may sometimes come at the expense of some, Fintech makes the world a better place by being impactful. Who Are The Innovators In This Space? It is incumbent upon the banks to embrace technological innovation to remain competitive in a constantly changing financial landscape. The majority of the change in the financial landscape over the last few decades has come from within the institutions themselves. A prime example of this is fintech’s ability to lower the cost of making a loan, but it is much more than that. Fintech is here to stay and disrupt markets in new ways. This article originally appeared here.

A Breakdown Of The Different Sectors In Fintech:

Traditional banking services Fintech can be defined in three ways: As a delivery method: it’s the way that banks reach customers. It can also refer to the funding source, who provides the technology, capital, and resources needed to make it happen. It’s the way that banks reach customers. It can also refer to the funding source, who provides the technology, capital, and resources needed to make it happen. As a means of distribution: to provide fast, low cost, and convenient access to financial products, a bank would need to tailor the technology to their delivery format. This could be online, through mobile applications, or within the branch to allow an average user to conduct transactions on their own time.

A-List Of Some Supposedly Successful Startups In Fintech:

What Is The Fintech Lending Impact? Barry Yeoman, CEO of LeadJuice and former head of Genovation, a digital lending platform in the US, wrote in CNBC that there’s been a small-scale impact on the national lending market. He has seen progress as an example at North Carolina’s No Frills Lending. Now the likes of LeadJuice, All American Mortgage and Elevate Credit are matching lender to loan and applicant, without any requirement for a personal check in a branch office.” Can Fintech Change The Lending Landscape?


Technology is constantly changing our world. In times gone by, we’ve had to adapt and react. This is something we should be doing now more than ever. As this world changes, it is likely the way we approach the future will change too. By understanding where technology will influence the way we live and interact, we can choose to proactively change the way we invest and manage our money for the better.

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