What Is Computer Science? A Short, Simple Explanation for Non-Computer Scientists:

What is Computer Science?

Technically, computer science has existed since the 1960’s when the earliest electronic computers were made. They took on the name by analogy with engineering and physical science, combining two different natures into one discipline. The what now? The U.S. National Science Foundation notes: Although some people think that the computer is a device that increases human capabilities by making the process of computing faster, the computer actually does not do much of anything. It is really just a program on a magnetic drum that can either run very fast or very slowly, but it does nothing more than that. We have built computers that have more processing power than existed in every human civilization in history together, but they can do nothing other than displaying a screen.

Who can study Computer Science?

Everyone can study computer science if they have the desire to learn more about computers and want to make the world a better place. What kind of courses do you teach? Our programming courses are all technology-based. If you’re not interested in programming then you can consider these classes as a refresher course for someone who wants to refresh their knowledge of computer programming concepts. What are the requirements to study computer science at our university? General Requirements You have to be a full-time undergraduate student or graduate student studying Computer Science, Information Technology, Networking, or Systems Administration. You have to have completed six semester hours of accredited computer science coursework (four required courses, two elective courses).

How do I study Computer Science?

You can choose from a large number of Computer Science-related degree programs at a range of colleges and universities in the United States and abroad. Many of the schools are associated with leading technology companies. Some of the Universities on this list will make online classes available. Note: Some of these universities are private institutions not to be confused with schools in the U.S. or abroad. If you are reading this before July 2015, you may have some difficulty obtaining a degree program in computer science from many of these schools. Computer Science Degree Programs at Universities & Colleges A number of the top Universities in the United States have Computer Science programs.

Why should I study Computer Science?

Most software is written for operating systems. In the simplest terms, computer science involves the design of systems. What does that mean? In software, systems are groups of components that interact with each other. An operating system is a way to organize these components to write software. Other examples of systems include file systems, database management systems, email clients, bulletin board systems, and the Internet. Our ancestors didn’t need to design systems for their software. In their world, programs just ran—like any other program—and that’s all there was to it. The only problem was the low complexity of those old programs. Most of those programs ran on the same kind of dumb machines, and many of them weren’t written in C or had even a simple function called “run.

What are the Prospects in this Field?

It is predicted that computing will grow at a CAGR of 20 percent between 2013 and 2020. Educators and researchers can better predict the prospects of computing by focusing their attention on the following. Designing more effective and efficient algorithms that can exploit computing systems’ capabilities to answer research problems. Producing better software and better software tools to assist in computational problem-solving. Developing better hardware that is faster, more energy-efficient, and more energy-efficient, as these improvements can improve computing applications.


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