What is Media? Understanding the Concept of Mass Communication:

What is media?

Knowing the words “media,” “mass” and “communication” gives us a solid basis for understanding media and a big hint at how journalism plays a key role in shaping how we see the world and how we see ourselves. The press, in a sense, is a more modern version of a community newspaper, The Gazette, or the day-to-day local paper such as The Ledger. It aims to provide information and entertainment that is relevant to its readership. In this case, it does so by writing on local topics and issues and providing entertainment, education, and news. Here’s a phrase that we might find in many small-town newspapers: “The Blue Bonnet News is running a big story on school funding today, but The Ledger will be the go-to paper for breaking news.

Examples of different types of media:

print media – “If the definition of media is “material used to provide information to the general public”, then media is the material to which the general public has access… print media usually refers to printed matter, which is mass-produced products in the form of books, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, posters, etc. In addition, the written word is sometimes used to refer to the various specialized formats of printed matter, such as government pamphlets, auto racing programs, TV listings, articles about music, etc. ” – “If the definition of media is “material used to provide information to the general public”, then media is the material to which the general public has access.

Social media:

Social media refers to a virtual community of friends, people, and companies who can communicate with one another through the World Wide Web. … Social media is created when people start sharing information with other people on the web, so it’s useful when users can share opinions, experiences, and perspectives. Television is considered the largest mass media tool. Over the last few decades television has seen an enormous change. It can provide information to a large number of people in one way. … A good example of traditional television is a box full of lights that broadcasts a program regularly. It is the most significant source of information and entertainment. Television is free and it enables people to communicate with each other in one way.

The evolution of media:

current media are media of the Internet (and other social media sites) Media is most obvious when there is an important event that reaches a large number of people. An example of this is the Super Bowl or the Olympic Games.


The media is the last industry that operates on the principle of monopoly. From past experiences, it can be concluded that there are three kinds of media (not just print and electronic media but print, oral and visual media) – mass, paperback, and specialized. A mass medium is provided by the daily newspaper or the TV news channel. A paperback medium is provided by the paperback book or the magazine. A specialized medium is provided by handcrafts. Of these types of media, only mass media is going on the full drive today. The Competition for Mass Media: The competition for mass media is between the TV and other media (radio, print, video, Internet, and advertising). And the competition for paperback media is between books and periodicals.

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