Auction Technology Group: The Most Powerful Auction Software on the Market:

What is Auction Technology Group?

Auction Technology cluster may be a business primarily based in London. Since 1947, the ARG’s events have been held in the glamorous surroundings of Christie’s and Sotheby’s in New York. Our events have consistently proved their place as world-class, glamorous, and entertaining opportunities for collectors, auctioneers, dealers, and exhibitors. Who Started Auction Technology Group? Mary Geraghty started ARG in New York in 1947 and then, in 1967, moved the company to London. In 1971 ARG produced its first large-scale international sale in London.

Who are we?

Auction Technology cluster may be a business primarily based in London. It publishes Antiques Trade Gazette that may be a London-based weekly publication and website serving the art and antique community business was founded in 1992 by Steven Clark. It went public on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in 2003 and achieved a turnover of £3.7 million in 2016. In 2015 Steven Clark took over the publication of a major UK business newspaper The Finance Times and continues to produce that publication today. He was appointed OBE in the 2017 New Year’s Honours list for his services to the financial media industry. This website is a digital replica of the print publication. The website is updated daily with the news, business, features, and pictures.

Why Auction Technology Group?

Highly knowledgeable salespeople with 40 years combined experience Commitment to give you the most up-to-date research on art and antiques. Powerful software, better than anything else in the auction industry Focus on emerging and modern art Auction Technology Group is a collection of two award-winning UK magazines, Antiques Trade Gazette and Art & Antiques. Each issue includes fantastic articles on the art and antique market, and how the auction process works. They publish a hardcopy version of the print magazine and a weekly online version. Both magazines, have a complete system that scans all content and automatically creates a complete and searchable PDF file for you to download. Auction Technology Group also publishes a monthly e-newsletter called antique Update.

How does auction technology work for us?

Auction Technology Group (ATG) uses cloud technology to help collectors and dealers buy and sell their collections and art. In other words, ATG is a global leader in auction technology. The company supports live auctions and electronic auctions. Its biggest strength is that it has mastered the art of processing millions of bids, which is why it has become one of the most popular online auction platforms. It is therefore called cloud-based auction software. Why does it work so well? ATG allows you to sell your artwork from anywhere in the world. It has a collection of more than five million auctions, and it is the largest database of paintings and antiques. You can find it here: Auction Technology Group’s Services.

The Biggest Auction Technology Companies Worldwide:

All the leading auctioneers provide a wide range of services in the auction room, online, and at home. If you are interested in trying some auction software or other services, you can always try and you’ll probably have a smooth experience. You can take a look at the most reliable auction software and also check out the auctions you can bid on. What are the possible advantages of Auction Technology Group? The Auction Technology Group works as an exclusive third party to secure the best deals for you, offering an array of auction solutions with superior technology. They are offering an opportunity to get the most premium auction software for your business. They are also ensuring that you get the best price when you decide to buy a piece of art or antiques.


Auction technology is a term that encompasses both various aspects of the online auction market and the contemporary auction market. Traditionally, a similar concept has been implemented in paper auction catalogs. Then, auctioneers have relied on some mechanical or computerized systems to find and acquire the required items. However, today, many auction houses and art auctions are switching over to the online auction market because they are more effective, convenient, and efficient. The digital space is where the majority of buying takes place and it is, therefore, the logical place for auctions. However, sometimes, auctions can run long because there is a range of several bidders, the time frame is short, and there is a need for quick decisions.

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